Where To Find Aioli In Grocery Store?

To find aioli, look in the area where the condiments are located, such as mayonnaise and ketchup. Aioli is very similar to mayonnaise, but it has a distinct garlic flavor. It’s essentially a garlic mayonnaise in terms of the ingredients, and just a little saltier and punchier.

Aioli is a very underrated condiment that has a surprisingly good taste. It can be mixed into dishes or used as a delicious sauce. It can even be combined with other ingredients to morph into phenomenal, unique tasting sauces. 

It also has many health benefits, and if you’re not particularly keen on the ingredients, perhaps due to allergies, then there are plenty of substitutes to choose from. It brings a whole new life to the traditional mayonnaise that we’ve all come to know and love.

Aioli Keeps The Heart Healthy

Aioli carries the same benefits that mayonnaise does while also offering benefits from garlic, a game-changer for our health. Aioli contains Vitamin E, which is known to help our heart health. It also has omega 3s, which are phenomenal at keeping our hearts happy.

Aioli Also Helps You Absorb Nutrients

Aioli also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K, which are fat-soluble vitamins. Due to the fat content in Aioli, these vitamins can be adequately absorbed. If fat-soluble vitamins are eaten without fatty foods, they will not be absorbed, hence the benefits of aioli.

Aioli Helps Smooth Skin!

Aioli can help our skin stay soft due to its ingredients, such as vitamins, oils, and minerals. Consuming the aioli won’t affect the skin much. However, it can be directly applied to the skin, and if done daily, can result in skin much smoother than if you’d not applied it.

Aioli Substitutes That Taste Great


Aioli is made from the same ingredients that mayonnaise is made from; it just has more ingredients added to the recipe. You can easily replicate the taste of aioli by adding in a dash of garlic and lemon juice. It’s not going to have the full aioli flavor, but if you’re in a pinch, it works.

Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce makes for an excellent substitute, thanks to it’s already existing tanginess. If you don’t mind pickles, you’ll simply need to toss in some garlic, lemon, and a little salt to your taste. This recipe would be best for seafood, such as snow crab or fish.

Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail sauce is one of the best substitutes due to its rich flavor. This, combined with the tanginess, will make for a good imitation aioli after you’ve added garlic and a bit of lemon. Cocktail sauce does not need salt added to it, presenting this as a straightforward recipe.

What Are Some Great Uses For Aioli?

Dipping Sauce

Aioli is an incredible dipping sauce. It takes what mayonnaise already is and turns it into a very savory tasting sauce. It can go well with pork tenderloins (highly recommended) and other foods like fish or crab legs. You can make the sauce have more spice to it by adding red pepper, which will also darken the mayonnaise to an orangish tint, appearing similar to the aioli.


Mayonnaise is an excellent condiment for sandwiches, but it can be bland. Aioli, on the other hand, adds a nice kick when added to sandwiches. It combines a nice punch with chicken, beef, and pork sandwiches. It’s also fabulous when paired with fish, as you can make delicious tasting grilled fish sandwiches, resulting in a dish that your pallet will love.


Aioli is an outstanding condiment for dipping or mixing with veggies—broccoli, squash, carrots, and zucchini pair nicely with the exceptional condiment. If the aioli is used in moderation, it can add a nice touch to your daily veggie intake to meet daily requirements. It’s also remarkable when combining with diced potatoes; it brings an entirely new twist; we highly recommend this.


Aioli is a great condiment, meant to complement savory style dishes. The garlic in the aioli adds a unique flavor that really can’t be rivaled. It suits those of you with a pallet that craves punchier sauces, yet it’s still mild enough to be enjoyed by everyone. 

Plus, it may have been a surprise to discover its health benefits. The substitutes, while they cannot compare to genuine aioli, can still provide an excellent tasting complement to any dish. 

A bonus tip is to use aioli in place of mayonnaise to make deviled eggs. It’s a very versatile sauce, so we cannot wait to see even more recipes shared online!