Where To Find Parmesan Cheese In The Grocery Store?

To find parmesan cheese in the grocery store, look near the pasta for powdered parmesan. The parmesan cheese wheels are found near the dairy and refrigerated cheeses, such as shredded cheddar cheese. 

To better understand where to find parmesan cheese in your grocery store, you should make sure you’re visiting the correct store first. Parmesan is considered a delicacy cheese, so some stores may not carry it, particularly in the form of a cheese wheel. 

If you’re having trouble finding the parmesan cheese wheels, try visiting a local whole foods store. They are much more likely to have cheese wheels in stock; they may even have smaller slices available. 

What Are Some Substitutes for Parmesan Cheese?

Grana Padano

An incredible tasting substitute for parmesan is Grana Padano. This tasty cheese has a nutty flavor resembling that of parmesan. It also has a very similar texture, so unless you make it known that this isn’t real parmesan cheese, anyone feasting on it will unlikely be able to tell the difference!


Manchego is a yellowish cheese that is typically used in Spanish cuisine. This cheese is best used for mild dishes, as it features a less intensive flavor than parmesan. It’s not quite as dry in texture, though, so it’s best suited for slicing and adding into meals.

Soy Parmesan

A delicious non-dairy substitute is soy parmesan. It has an almost identical taste to regular parmesan, but it’s a little softer, without the sharpness we’re used to. Plus, it has a drier texture, making this It’s an incredible substitute for powdered parmesan.

What are the Best Uses For Parmesan Cheese 


You’ve probably added parmesan cheese to spaghetti at some point. Powdered parmesan cheese is the most common type of parmesan used, as it goes very well with the spaghetti sauce and makes for a delicious meal. Sprinkling just a tad bit of powdered parmesan cheese to spaghetti can make an average dish seem like a 5-star chef put it together.


Another favorite among the masses to add parmesan cheese to is lasagna. There isn’t anything better than a freshly cooked, lightly crusted, steaming pot of lasagna loaded with ivory gold cheese. Now that you’ve discovered where to find parmesan cheese in the grocery store, you can start impressing people at dinner with this tasty dish.


Most people are used to eating pizza with mozzarella and pepperoni. Yet, parmesan makes for an incredible topping on just about any type of pizza. It can easily be sprinkled on top after it’s been baked, or it can be mixed into the mozzarella before cooking to add in some extra flavor. A growing trend is to add parmesan cheese into the crust, which is a godsend in itself.

Brussel Sprouts 

If you’re a fan of brussels sprouts, an excellent way to up your recipe game is to add in some parmesan cheese. It makes for a delicious dish, and it’s super simple to implement. You’ll just need to toss in some brussels sprouts into a bag, mix in some olive oil, then add the parmesan in. Bake it at 425 F for up to 15 minutes, which will result in a phenomenal snack.

Parmesan Tomato Soup

Furthermore, determining where to find parmesan cheese in the grocery is simple. Just look near the tomato soup! Tomato soup is a delicious meal, and there are many recipes out there to make it even better. Powdered parmesan cheese makes for a delicious topping in tomato soup. Other seasonings can be added too, such as basil and paprika.

What Are Some Benefits Of Eating Parmesan Cheese

It’s Mineral Rich 

It’s essential to make sure you consume enough minerals on a day-to-day basis. Parmesan contains all types of minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium, and chloride; those are just to name a few. Now that you know where to find parmesan cheese in the grocery store, you can meet your daily requirements.

Contains Protein

Parmesan contains quite a bit of protein. 100g of parmesan can contain up to 32g of this vital nutrient. A neat fact about parmesan is that it has more protein per gram than any other cheese. Plus, parmesan is typically easy on the gut, making it a good choice for anyone with lactose-intolerance due to its lack of lactose.

A Great Source Of Fat

It’s just as essential to make sure you have enough intake of fats every day. Parmesan contains a decent amount of fat per gram, making it a great daily food to add to your diet. Now that you know where to find parmesan cheese in the grocery store, you’ll start enjoying these healthy fats in no time.


It can undoubtedly be challenging determining where to find parmesan cheese in the grocery store. Often, it seems like when we need it, we just can’t find it. 

If you’ve been searching for parmesan cheese, looking near the pasta and dairy should guide you straight to it. Parmesan cheese is an excellent choice for all kinds of dishes, so it’s no surprise that it’s such a popular food for most people. 

The health benefits alone can be enough of a reason to buy the delicious cheese; it’s hard to find anything tastier, that’s for sure.