Where To Find Sauerkraut In The Grocery Store?

To find sauerkraut in the grocery store, look near the ketchup and mayonnaise; you will see regular sauerkraut alongside other choices available. Sauerkraut is a common household condiment that is used to boost the flavor in several foods. 

The tasty condiment is made through a fermentation process using cabbage leaves. It originates from Germany, hence the German name. There are many substitutes for the American icon that you may not have known about. 

There aren’t many other condiments that have the versatility that sauerkraut has. You’d be astonished at just what you can do with the tasty side. Not to mention the health benefits. Yet, there are so many fine things to discuss, so let’s talk about it further.

What Are Some Benefits Of Eating Sauerkraut?


It’s essential to hit your daily recommendations, which may not always prove to be easy. Sauerkraut has many vital nutrients that our body needs. Just one serving can net you up to 25% of your DV in nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Copper, Vitamin K1, and Folate. The only drawback it’s its high sodium content, but when eaten in moderation, it’s outstanding.

Helps Digestion

You may have discovered probiotics, which are usually taken to improve our gut health. Sauerkraut that has not been pasteurized has this phenomenal benefit, which will help fight off bad bacteria in the gut. This will result in less gas, constipation, and diarrhea, to name just a few. It’s also excellent to eat while you’re taking antibiotics, which are known to kill good bacteria.

Boosts Immune System

The gut plays a boundless role in our immune system, and due to the probiotics found in sauerkraut, our gut is better able to do its job correctly. The gut is responsible for regulating histamine, serotonin, and antibodies, so improving gut health is undoubtedly going to benefit this. The nutrients found in sauerkraut will also assist your immune system as well.

What Are Some Tasty Substitutes For Sauerkraut?

Shredded Cabbage

Shredded cabbage is the most similar in taste and texture. However, it lacks the fermentation and sourness that sauerkraut is famous for. It still tastes wonderful, though, and makes for a great substitute if you’re out of sauerkraut or cannot stomach it. A bit of vinegar may be just what it takes to add some sourness, though.


Onions could be exactly what you’re looking for to add that little bit of extra kick to your meal. Perhaps add them raw or barely cooked to retain some of the kick. Like shredded cabbage, a bit of vinegar can make it that much more similar to regular sauerkraut. Onions will also add a bit of texture to whatever it’s added to, which will supplement most meals greatly.


Coconut may come as a surprise, but it closely resembles sauerkraut, making it an exceptional substitute. Vinegar or fortified wine can make this sweet tropical fruit sour and tangy, resulting in a very similar punch to sauerkraut. Coconut also has many health benefits, so it’s undoubtedly one of the better substitutes out there. Plus, it has a very similar texture to sauerkraut.

What Are Some Good Uses For Sauerkraut?

Bavarian Sauerkraut

A delicious recipe to make an outstanding dish of sauerkraut is by adding in bacon fat, caraway, and brown sugar. This will result in a sweet and savory dish that makes your mouth water. It goes well with meals like pork chops, sausage dogs, and stews as a compliment.

Sauerkraut Salad

To make a salad that’ll impress even the most experienced cook, mix in some carrots, peppers, and celery into the sauerkraut. To make it even tastier, toss in some olive oil and salad dressing to bring it all together. It goes great with savory meals such as stir fry and pork dishes.

Hot Dogs

This option needs not an introduction, as the most famous way to use sauerkraut is by adding it onto a hotdog. This results in a flavorful, tangy meal with the sauerkraut, adding some texture to the hotdog. It mixes well with diced relish, making for a phenomenal meal that you’ll love.


Grocery stores can have confusing layouts, so now that you know where to find sauerkraut in the grocery store, you can begin enjoying its flavor. Sauerkraut has numerous uses, but it’s most famous for its grill side use for hotdogs. 

There are also many substitutes for sauerkraut, and taking into consideration the health benefits; you really can’t beat this American classic. I invite you to experiment with the condiment, as it’s very versatile and may surprise you as to its many styles.